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Who am I...? This is one of those perfect questions (so take note).

Since I can remember, I have always felt a pull toward the spiritual healing of others. As a teen, I struggled with this calling, MISTAKINGLY fearing some life of solitude I thought came with becoming a priest. As I grew, this "pull" developed, and my calling as a spiritual healer clarified. I found within myself the purpose of psychotherapy.

What is it to heal the spirit? Is this a real method? What does spiritual healing involve? Or even more troubling, what is the spirit?
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By my 20's I set out to answer these questions, embarking on a journey of self-discovery so wild, so spiritually awakening, I had to write a book! And by the time I graduated, I learned that helping people with self-discovery became my most treasured new talent. But it is a triicky process.

First, we have in us--each of us--the desire to understand, to know who and what we are; that's the easy part. But, to really know, and secondly, to become, our true Selves can present a challenge many of us might not be willing to face (how's your note taking? Good?); that's the hard part.

What horrors must I confront in order to know and be who I truly am? What If I don't like what I see? And worse, how will I get to my true Self once I know?

These are deep questions, sometimes the most frightening one can ask, especially when we've suffered unspeakable tragedies. Often times, we don't even know how painful our lives have become until it seems too late. But that's where I come in, what I was born to do!

Whether parent, child, or teen, executive, sports figure, or artist (or fellow healer!), my mission and purpose is to discover true being, and to help that Real Person live and thrive in the world. Sometimes the journey can involve the simplest, yet most important, adjustments. Other times, the journey goes deeper, as in recovering from trauma or addiction, loss or domestic violence. But in all cases, the journey seeks to make real one's inner potentials, to set free one's True Essence. Parents enjoy the reason they become parents again; kids find happiness, cooperation, and success; teens triumph the tough times; couples rekindle their love; and victims of pain and suffering become champions for themselves and others.

Who I am is a very good question (and one I'll be quick to ask you, so be prepared). My answer is: I am an artist, a musician, a scientist and writer; I mix words and song, vision and method in my "studio," wait and watch, adjust and support, and then celebrate the arrival. I am a Therapist, a Spiritual Healer (I proudly sing it!), and became what I've always known I would be. Come and let me help you do the same!

Luke currently holds a Supervisory position at the 2nd largest mental health agency in Texas, and has over 7 years experience in Business and Organizational Develoment. He is also available for consultation in:

  • Staff & Organizational Development
  • Special Problems in Child Behavior Management Programs
  • Seminar and Presentation Development
  • Church & Youth Organizations
  • Research Programs
  • Key-note Addresses
  • Planning & Conducting Recreational & Spiritual Retreats & Get-aways
  • Hospital & Corporate Psychological Assessments.

Luke was also the 2006 Arch Diocese Youth Rally Master of Ceremonies in San Antonio Texas, and authored several articles on Art and Creativity Theory, Human Choice Theory, Teachers and Teaching environment, and Perception. Luke is also working on his first two novels, a mystery and an expansion into Human Choice Theory.


.They call me "Luke"
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